Monsanto is satan

January 23, 2008


He was portrayed as an environmental David who stood up to the corporate Goliath, and became a figurehead of the battle against the introduction of genetically modified crops everywhere. When Canadian farmer Percy Schmeiser was sued by Monsanto for growing the firm’s GM crops, which he claimed blew on to his land, the company’s eventual victory in the Canadian supreme court was overshadowed by accusations of aggressive tactics and corporate bullying.

Now, Schmeiser, of Bruno, Saskatchewan, is back to launch another slingshot at Monsanto, and this time he is suing the billion dollar business for £300 in his local small claims court. At stake, he says, is millions of pounds of compensation for those who have seen their land contaminated with GM material, and the rights of organic farmers and others to produce GM-free crops. Monsanto calls the case “specific and local”.

Schmeiser and his wife, Louise, are suing for the C$600 (£300) it cost to hire contractors to dig up several of Monsanto’s GM oilseed rape plants he found growing in a field he was preparing for a mustard crop in 2005. Schmeiser argues the stray plants are pollution, and the polluter should pay. The company refused unless he agreed not to talk about it.

Schmeiser said: “No corporation should have the right to introduce GM seeds or plants into the environment and not be responsible for it. It doesn’t matter if it was $600, or $600,000. It has now become a very important case, even though it is small, because if we win then it could cost Monsanto millions and millions of dollars across the world.”

He says the rogue GM seeds were probably spilled from a road beside the field. GM crops such as herbicide-resistant oilseed rape are grown in huge quantities across the US and Canada.

“It was almost unbelievable that Monsanto didn’t pay, because it came out and admitted it was their GMO [genetically modified organism] on our property,” he said. “But they said they would refuse to pay unless we signed a non-disclosure statement. No way would we ever give that away to a corporation.”

The case was due to be heard in Saskatchewan tomorrow, but Monsanto said it will be delayed at Schmeiser’s request. Schmeiser said he had not requested a delay.

He said: “If Monsanto had come and removed the plants, it would have been over. We didn’t want another case, but we have to stand up to them again. As long as we have the strength to continue, we will fight for the rights of farmers.”

A spokesperson for Monsanto said: “Mr Schmeiser approached Monsanto about this in 2005. Monsanto has a general policy in Canada to assist in such matters if and when they arise with growers. However, Mr Schmeiser refused our offer to assist and decided to pursue this small claim through the courts.”


14 Responses to “Monsanto is satan”

  1. Deborah said

    I believe Monsanto seeds are the most aggregious
    act in world history. I also believe the disappearing bee’s would agree. Man messing with the genenome of plants and humans is going to curse all of us in the very near future.

  2. Amy said

    Amen to that – Monsanto is SATAN. We need to pray for the organic farmers and for the end of Monsanto’s agressive take over of farms all around the world. This company is a great manipulator. EVIL, EVIL.

  3. Nora said

    I agree. Did you know they are attempting to make it so seeds only germinate for one year, forcing farmers to come back to them every year. No more would the farmer be able to save seed in bins for the next years planting. It’s all about the power and the money. Sounds like the devils advocate to me.

  4. Jen said

    NORA they already do this its called hybrid seed. A hybrid seed wont be pure from year to year so you have to buy new seed each year.
    Thats why its important to buy heirloom open pollinated seed.

  5. […] Monsanto is satan [image] […]

  6. CJ said

    Monsanto should be abolished! We only buy and plant heirloom open pollinated seeds.

  7. Carol said

    Monsanto did this in India and the farmers went bankrupt and committed suicide and Monsanto took over their farms. Satan at his very best!

  8. whd said

    farmers breed seeds for thousands of years, Monsanto changes a single gene and they claims ownership without compensation. fda is in bed with them.

    check out

  9. whd said

    Seeds of Destruction

    The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation

    by F. William Engdahl

    This skillfully researched book focuses on how a small socio-political American elite seeks to establish control over the very basis of human survival: the provision of our daily bread. “Control the food and you
    control the people.”

  10. j9 said

    If you follow the money it’s clear that Monsatan is behind chem-trails – spraying aluminum & barium particles into the atmosphere. The soil and water are becoming so contaminated with aluminum that farmers are forced to by the GMO Aluminum Resistant Seeds. Truly evil.

  11. dick fuel said

    monsanto must be destroyed.

  12. dick fuel said

    but it will not stop there…

    it stops at criminal banker evisceration.

  13. Does sombody know how i can get a copy of this picture but with a lot of pixel (a big version)?

  14. Does sombody know how i can get a copy of this picture but with a lot of pixel (a big version)?

    Tank you!

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