Gore Says He May Re-Enter Politics Again

August 9, 2007

Gore Says He May Re-Enter Politics Again

Former vice president Al Gore told reporters during a forum in Singapore this week that he may return to politics someday but that he has no plans to run for president in 2008, according to The Associated Press. Gore has repeatedly denied he has ’08 ambitions, but then again, he’s also fairly emphatically stated in the past that he was done with politics altogether.

“I may re-enter politics at some point in the future because I’m only 59 years old,” Gore said. But more telling: “There is no single candidate that is putting forward a comprehensive argument about the environment or making climate change a priority,” he said.

Can this finally be a concrete sign that Gore’s taking the initial steps back into the political scene so as to set the stage for a surprise announcement early this Fall? Will we soon here Gore say something like: “Yes, it’s true. A couple of months ago, I stated that I might someday enter politics again but not the presidential race in ’08. But I have now come to the conclusion that I can indeed make the biggest contribution to our great country, and have the greatest impact on the issues I hold near and dear to me–climate control and putting an end to the Iraq war–if I seek the highest job in the land.”


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