Re-Elect Gore 2008

December 24, 2006



Al Gore got the presidency stolen from him in 2000 by Antonin Scalia and four other Supreme Court members on his way to the White House. Is 2008 the year to rectify the criminal electoral injustice done to him and democracy?



2 Responses to “Re-Elect Gore 2008”

  1. Who besides Gore can turn this country around? No southern states will vote for Hillary, Edwards is cute – but not ready, same for Obama.

    We need to Re-Elect gore for 08 OR we need to campaign to have him become the head of the EPA before the election.

    If Gore is not running for Pres, could you imagine the proactive thinking of a Pres/VP/EPA ticket? Maybe Obama/Edwards/Gore? All 3 could speak around the country at the same time. It would also shore up the conservative envioromentalist.

    Re-elect Gore.

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