‘Christofascists’ and the Extremist Right-Wing Republicans

November 23, 2006

A. Alexander, November 15th, 2006

America’s Christofascists and their soulmates in the far right-wing of the Republican Party have decided to morph into their own version of al-Qaeda. That is to say, they’ve begun practicing terrorism. Now, before going any further it is important to better define what constitutes a “Christofascist.” When using the term “Christofascist” or “Christofascism” we do not mean the average Wednesday night bible study and Sunday morning services attending Christian. Christofascists are those who follow fear-mongering, gay-hating hypocrites like James Dobson, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and the crank-snorting anti-gay gay Reverend Ted Haggard.

Christofascists persecute and crucify anybody that doesn’t live their lives the way they believe people should and, too, they condemn all who refuse to acknowledge their way as the one true path. Yet, when their leaders, members, and political supporters — the gay Reverend Haggard and child-stalking Republican Foley for example — are found to be charlatans and liars; Christofascists convey upon them complete forgiveness because they are after all, imperfect.



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