November 3, 2006

from wwtdd.com   I will kick your ass right now!


It took 70,000 tries, but for the first time ever, in that top picture only, Paris Hilton doesn’t look like a complete monster. And that’s pretty much the nicest thing I’ve ever had to say about her. Thanks to Rachel Weis, Paris didn’t even have the laziest costume of the night. It should probably give you pause if you pick your Halloween costume out of your closet, from the stuff you normally wear. It barely even looks like those mouse ears are on her head. It looks like she’s just standing in front of them. The opposite end of the spectrum would be Minnie Driver, who tried way too hard and failed miserably. Most stars have their makeup done in Beverly Hills. Minnie went to Six Flags. She should have chosen the tiger whiskers or peace sign because this is a damn mess. Alyssa Milano did the fairy thing roughly 8 billion times better. Elisha Cuthbert went as a floating hat, at least whenver her pale ass stood in front of a white backdrop. Ghosts are scary!

Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo


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