10 costumes that just won’t fly

October 19, 2006

Having Halloween spirit is fine, but don’t forget the common sense

bin Laden mask

Andrew Winning

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Osama bin Laden is just one costume air travelers and airline staff should avoid this Halloween, James Wysong writes.

by James Wysong


Updated: 1:01 p.m. ET Oct 18

On Halloween, most airline crew members are allowed to wear a costume to work. Some costumes are elaborate and well thought out, while others look like a last-minute throw-together. Sometimes passengers get into the spirit and dress up as well. Every year there is someone — a passenger or a crew member — who takes dress-up a little too far.

The following are costumes that I have actually seen at the airport, along with the consequences that followed.

Osama bin Laden. Maybe funny at a college frat party, but a little too close to the bone at the airport. The person who did this was — believe it or not — a pilot, and let’s just say it went over like a lead balloon. I laughed, not at his costume but at his surprise when he discovered the authorities didn’t think it was funny.



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